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Uday might surrender
...but the US doesn't care because they'll find him anyway.
The article.
Link stolen from Frank.
Cannibalism! Eek.
Other tribes are hunting and eating Pygmies in Africa. Maybe it's silly, but such things still surprise me. That those beliefs are still around. The Pygmies are considered subhuman by the other tribes. It is believed that their flesh can confer magical powers.
The article.

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Friday, May 23, 2003  

UN lifts sanctions on Iraq
The vote was unanimous: 14-0. Syria did not vote.
The article.

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Thursday, May 22, 2003  

Ode to Frank #3 (or 4, I'd really have to go back and check)
Frank explains the varying levels of homeland security, first giving a basic explanation, then detailing what to do in certain situations, depending on the current security level. I have picked a few of my favorites, please see his post for the full joy of Frank's homeland security levels explanation. Okay, after reading through each one, i've realized they're all hilarious. Make sure you read the full blog. You'll pee your pants. I did.

First, here is what the alert levels mean in general:
*Green (Low): All evil had been destroyed. The world is now a peaceful utopia.
*Blue (Guarded): There's still the occasional pickpocket, so show a little caution.
*Yellow (Elevated): Terror lurks in the shadows; be wary.
*Orange (High): The terrorists are out there and they are coming for YOU!
*Red (Severe): The world is exploding around you. The only law is your own gun.

To be more specific, here is how you should you act in different situations based on the alert levels.

I hear a noise at night.
*Green: That's just the house settling; go back to sleep.
*Blue: Probably nothing, but you better check it out.
*Yellow: Grab your gun and call 911.
*Orange: No time for police; run through your house shooting anything that moves.
*Red: Initiate the house's auto-destruct sequence; leap out window.

You see a hippy.
*Green: Punch him.
*Blue: Kick him.
*Yellow: Punch him then kick him.
*Orange: Punch him then kick him and then stomp on him.
*Red: Strangle him.

You realize the person you are talking to is a Communist.
*Green: Kill him.
*Blue: Kill him.
*Yellow: Kill him.
*Orange: Kill him.
*Red: Kill him and burn his body.

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Bad journalism
Title of the article: 2 Iraqis Killed in Shooting Incident Involving US Troops
Is it just me or does the title make it sound like US troops just decided to shoot up some Iraqis? It certainly doesn't make things seem like the Iraqis were at fault in any way. However: news reports qoted [sic] residents as saying the shooting erupted after gunmen fired anti-tank rockets at a U.S. armored vehicle.
I hate journalists sometimes, and their editors.
The article.

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Tax cut update
House and Senate negotiators have reached agreement on a tax-and-spending package totaling $318 billion over 10 years
$318! From more than $7 billion! Once again: How pinche ridiculous!
The article.
UPDATE: According to Fox, it's $350 and the president is happy with it. Maybe he shot for $7 hoping for about half? Who knows.

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Democrats and Moderates Ruin Bush's Tax Cuts.

The House and Senate Republican leadership Wednesday announced an agreement on the final form of a $383 billion tax cut package. However, it remains unclear if GOP and Democrat centrists will accept the terms of the tax cut, which exceed levels key moderates said were the most they would support.

It exceeds levels key moderates said they would support?!? It's already little over half of Bush's initial proposal. I wish I could remember who said it first, but what's going to happen is they're going to knock the tax cut down so far it will have little effect on the economy. Next they're going to blame Bush for the lack of improvement in the economy.
Oh how I loathe idiots.
The article.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2003  

Demos[Democrats]: Out Of Touch, Or Out Of Their Minds? VIEW FROM THE RIGHT

In order to be a real Democrat, you have to believe that:

1. The most preventable disease, the AIDS virus, is caused by a lack of federal funding.

2. Social promotion in schools is good, and tests are either discriminatory or don't measure anything.

3. Global temperature changes are due not to cyclical, documented changes in Earth's climate but to too many yuppies driving SUVs.

4. Capital punishment is wrong but abortion on demand is the cat's meow.

5. Businesses are mean spirited and create oppression, and big governments are honest and create prosperity.

6. Hunters and farmers don't care about nature, but designer-suited environmental lawyers do.

7. We should change all our foreign policy to appease the terrorists to protect ourselves from their bombings.

8. Our taxes are too low, but ATM fees are too high.

9. Standardized tests are racist, but racial quotas and set-asides aren't.

10. Millions of illegal aliens are good for our economy, but the businesses that hire them are bad.

OUCH! The author says democrats won't be making a comeback anytime soon because of such beliefs. I hope he's right.
- Thanks to JamesKPolk of Livejournal for finding this first.

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I was homeschooled until the 8th grade. When I enrolled in public school I made honor roll every grading period. I was at the same level or a higher level as my classmates. And whiny liberals are trying to restrict homeschooling. One suggestion is to require homeschoolers to use public school books and lesson plans. WHAT? If I have children, I'm homeschooling them for many reasons, one because the books suck. The curriculum sucks. In California, homeschooling is technically illegal. I understand the need for some guidelines, let's make sure these kids are learning, but choose their books? Make it illegal? Come on folks. Homeschooled kids are generally better educated and more polite. Homeschool is a positive thing.
Get this: "Homeschooling is a social threat to public education," Chris Lubienski, who teaches at Iowa State University's college of education, told Time magazine. Why? "It is taking some of the most affluent and articulate parents out of the system."
Homeschooling is threatening because the smart, rich parents choose it. That's just funny.
The article.

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Saturday, May 17, 2003  

Hazing update
There were charge with a misdemeanor, as adults (good!). Maximum sentencing is 364 days in jail, minimum is court supervision. Their principal wants to expel the suspended students. This would keep them from school activities, but not from a diploma.
These kids are nasty, dangerous little brats. They deserve the punishment they get, and probably more than what they will get.
The article.

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Yet another ode to Frank
Thanks to Frank of IMAO for his support of Americans owning assault rifles.
The edited list of reasons why:
6. If we're not allowed to have assault rifles, that will make us mad and we have other guns.
3. What if dragons are real and one tries to mug you in a dark alley.
And the number one reason regular citizens should be able to own assault rifles...
This is America; we don't have to give a g'damn reason for owning something.

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Hazing story
Another story you already know, this one about the female high school seniors beating up on underclassmen. If you've seen the video, you know how brutal this "hazing" was. Criminally abusive. These girls have been suspended, recommended for expulsion and will probably be charged criminally. Good.
Here's the really disgusting part to this story: a lawyer defending one of the hazers, one of the assaultants, argues "You are entitled to an education so when someone takes that right from you without giving you due process, they have violated (your) due process rights." Oh, no. If this lawyer runs with that and tries to argue that schools can no longer suspend students without due process, our society will have dropped its values yet again. If punishment were swift and severe in the U.S. we would never have had such an incident in the first place.
The article.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2003  

Phony reporter
You've all probably heard about Jayson Blair, the lazy reporter who "worked" from his Brooklyn apartment to fabricate stories, pretending who was in other cities investigating those stories.
The latest news, from Rock 103's Bad Dog: Blair wrote for Baghdad Bob.

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Monday, May 12, 2003  

start this week. Don't expect anything until Friday.

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Sunday, May 04, 2003  

Iron will guts
If you like chest-hair-and-cheap-steak tough, you'll love this guy. Aron Ralston went hiking and somehow got his arm pinned beneath a 1,000 pound boulder. After five days he ran out of water and determined the situation was pretty serious. So he amputated his arm with a pocket knife and rapelled to the floor of the canyon. Yes, he amputated his own arm with a pocketknife. Oh, and he's 27. He walked himself into the Emergency Room.

from park ranger Steve Swanke:
“I’ve never seen anybody who has the will to live and is as much of a warrior as Aron is, and I’ve been doing this for 25 years...
from Brion After, manager of the Ute Mountaineering store in Aspen where Ralston works:
"To be honest, sometimes we get pretty scared with some of the things he’s doing.”

The article.

UPDATE: The link has been changed. Sorry it took me so long to realize it was faulty.

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Friday, May 02, 2003  

Gay marriage legalized in British Columbia.
I'm guessing a few Americans will be moving this summer (the law goes into effect in July).

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The women and children enslaved to sex trafficking cry: "Protect us from the exploitation and torture by the pimps and brothel keepers

Solution #1:
Take away the social stigma.

if "sex workers" feel better about themselves they will be more "empowered," and consequently able to resist violent pimps, traffickers, and men who force them to have sex without condoms.
[This supported by the] Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP), an international organization working for the "rights of sex workers." They reject the label "victim," even for women and children who have been raped and tortured, on the grounds that talking about "victimization works against empowerment."
The group also opposes the anti-trafficking movement that is trying to liberate women and children from sexual slavery, claiming that it is "repressive" because it will limit women's ability to "migrate for sex work" — their euphemism for sex trafficking. .

Solution #2:
It’s all inevitable anyway, and it’s probably immoral for us to try to stop it. Let’s just give them condoms and healthcare.
In the belief there is nothing they can do — or possibly should do — about sexual slavery, they ignore the violence and enslavement. This is the stance of the International Center for Research.
Gupta [this group’s leader] ignores the fact that most "sex workers" are — or originally started out as — trafficked women and girls. She also puts a higher priority on the public good than on the rights of women and children to be free: "We cannot and must not allow our misguided morality, or for that matter our politics, to stand in the way of public health imperatives."

A little reason:
To decide which solution is best, we above all need to listen to the voices of the victims entrapped in sexual slavery.
In Bombay, India, on International Women's Day this March, a fair was held by 1,200 women from an organization called Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking. A delegation of women spoke to the Joint Commissioner of Police, and told him what they wanted: "Protect us from the exploitation and torture by the pimps and brothel keepers… We wish to get out of this hell… Cooperate with us at every step so that we can find our way out."

Solution #3:
Report and rescue. Imagine that.
Advocated by Laura Lederer, a political appointee at the U.S. State Department and executive director of the Senior Operating Group on Trafficking in Persons, report and rescue puts the safety and freedom of women and children first. This approach does not accommodate traffickers, pimps, or exploiters. Instead, it builds responsibility into aid work by requiring personnel to report the abuse and enslavement of women and children to the appropriate authorities…Moreover, under this approach aid workers have a duty to catalyze a rescue. They can do so through the official report, or by notifying a nongovernmental or faith-based group that specializes in rescuing enslaved women and girls.

What to do?
Now, these policy pronouncements [report and rescue] need to be backed up with a shift in the flow of money — from the old, accommodationist groups to organizations willing to fully engage in the report and rescue of victims of trafficking and sexual slavery. Women and children are waiting.

I could not be more disgusted by the first two solutions. I suppose it's better than doing nothing, but if you're going to do something, do the right thing. You're already spending the time and the money, why not actually do some good? Why not actually help these slaves?
The article.

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Thursday, May 01, 2003  

Political correctness is worse than a honky in a trailer park
Rachel Lucas has all the details in a great blog. Basically, California, and probably others, are trying so hard to be PC and not offend anyone, they're distorting and destroying history.

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