Pecas means freckles. Freckles are good because they provide a natural camouflage. You can easily hide in the polka dot dress section of a department store.


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~Frontline blogger Kevin.
~Rachel Lucas. You'll love her.
~IMAO. Frank, the evil genius.
~USS Clueless.
~Transcended. She e-mailed me a compliment and a link to her very real, very good page.

Politics and News:
~WorldNetDaily - A real news source unafraid of calling the French cheese eating surrender monkeys.
~We Love the Iraqi Information Minister, a tribute to Baghdad Bob, that lovable liar.
~PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals.
~Protest Warriors. Good reading and good supplies to emphasize your anti-neohippy stance(i.e. t-shirts, bumper stickers...). Funny and very anti-anti-war.
~Satirical "news". Humorous and enligthening

Cool famous people:
~You should know this band, but you don't.
Live theatre in Memphis:
~Playhouse on the Square and Circuit Playhouse. They show pretty quality plays.
~The Wiseguys. A very funny comedy improv group performing for free every first and third Tuesday at Kudzu's downtown.
~Theatreworks. I've never been here.


Read all about it!

Obesity and overweight account for $93 billion a year in U.S. spending on medical care, a major new study found.
How much money do all the studies cost?

Parents are "crying out for help, information and alternatives to come to terms with the challenges of childhood obesity,"
How about cutting out McD's and learning to cook? It's cheaper.

Nearly 60 percent said they liked the idea of banning foods such as soda, chips and candy in schools and 58 percent backed limiting television advertising for "unhealthy" foods.
My mom decided what we ate, not me. I might ask for unhealthy food, but she didn't have to give it to me. When she did, she limited my intake ("just one cookie dear"). And how about making your child's lunch at home? It's cheaper, healthier, and yes, they can learn to do it.

So many "crises" have such simple solutions if people weren't so pigheaded. Sure some cases of obesity are genuinely linked to genetics and are more difficult to deal with, but I would venture that the majority of cases today are people who just like their Twinkies and don't feel like exercising.

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Saturday, August 16, 2003  

Ha. Ha. Ha.

The Republicans sent a "care package" containing diapers, baby rattles, child leashes and pacifiers to the 11 Democrats staying at the Marriott Hotel in Albuquerque.

The Republican Party says they are only responding, albeit tongue-in cheek, to the pleas of the Democrats.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2003  

Shoot 'em up!

Thanks Rachel for this link.

67 year old man defends home, family and neighborhood from drug dealers, with guns! "I told the police, 'Bring the coroner and body bags the next time you come out here,' " he said. "Nobody is going to run me out of my home."

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Monday, August 04, 2003  
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