Pecas means freckles. Freckles are good because they provide a natural camouflage. You can easily hide in the polka dot dress section of a department store.


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Blogs I like:
~Frontline blogger Kevin.
~Rachel Lucas. You'll love her.
~IMAO. Frank, the evil genius.
~USS Clueless.
~Transcended. She e-mailed me a compliment and a link to her very real, very good page.

Politics and News:
~WorldNetDaily - A real news source unafraid of calling the French cheese eating surrender monkeys.
~We Love the Iraqi Information Minister, a tribute to Baghdad Bob, that lovable liar.
~PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals.
~Protest Warriors. Good reading and good supplies to emphasize your anti-neohippy stance(i.e. t-shirts, bumper stickers...). Funny and very anti-anti-war.
~Satirical "news". Humorous and enligthening

Cool famous people:
~You should know this band, but you don't.
Live theatre in Memphis:
~Playhouse on the Square and Circuit Playhouse. They show pretty quality plays.
~The Wiseguys. A very funny comedy improv group performing for free every first and third Tuesday at Kudzu's downtown.
~Theatreworks. I've never been here.


Wow kids. Wow. Gun control sucks more than you could ever imagine.

I just finished my 15 page paper on gun control. I had to do a lot of reasearch. A lot. Even I was surprised at the weakness of their argument. Their argument only looks nice if you disregard common sense, logical thought and all knowledge of history.

Diane Feinstein has a concealed carry permit and regularly packs a .38 revolver. Sarah Brady, yes, Brady as in Brady bill, bought her son a rifle for Christmas. Rosie O'Donnell has at least one armed guard. The list continues.

The bottom line is, criminals have guns and the police can't protect you, so buy a gun and learn how to use it.

And yes, that's right, the police can't protect you. The courts have ruled over and over that they're not responsible to you, they're only responsible to the community. This means if your stalker is outside and they don't show up he may kill you and it won't be their fault. In other words, buy a gun and learn how to use it.

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Monday, November 24, 2003  
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