Pecas means freckles. Freckles are good because they provide a natural camouflage. You can easily hide in the polka dot dress section of a department store.


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Blogs I like:
~Frontline blogger Kevin.
~Rachel Lucas. You'll love her.
~IMAO. Frank, the evil genius.
~USS Clueless.
~Transcended. She e-mailed me a compliment and a link to her very real, very good page.

Politics and News:
~WorldNetDaily - A real news source unafraid of calling the French cheese eating surrender monkeys.
~We Love the Iraqi Information Minister, a tribute to Baghdad Bob, that lovable liar.
~PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals.
~Protest Warriors. Good reading and good supplies to emphasize your anti-neohippy stance(i.e. t-shirts, bumper stickers...). Funny and very anti-anti-war.
~Satirical "news". Humorous and enligthening

Cool famous people:
~You should know this band, but you don't.
Live theatre in Memphis:
~Playhouse on the Square and Circuit Playhouse. They show pretty quality plays.
~The Wiseguys. A very funny comedy improv group performing for free every first and third Tuesday at Kudzu's downtown.
~Theatreworks. I've never been here.


United We Stand

I see this on cars and billboards, along with American flag bumper stickers and other symbols of patriotism. Although I admire their display of support for our country, I don't believe we are united at all.

Perhaps it's just that although we're attracted to those with similar views, we notice those with opposing views, but it seems to me like there are more pacifists than there are advocates of Bush's campaign. This also might be my view because I'm in college and college students are usually too young and naive to know better, and college professors... Well, I'm not sure what's wrong with them, but they're liberal wanks, too.

The point is... we should be united. You don't have to support everything that your country does. You don't have to believe blindly. Patriotism does not mean you swallow every word from every public official like candy or golden truth. It means you support those who are fighting to keep your lazy chicken-butt safe from our enemies. Enemies that will shoot back at the military you criticize. Enemies that will bomb your home and infiltrate your airport with smallpox. This is not America interfering in the business of others. This is America protecting its own. This is America protecting you, even if you are unpatriotic and ungrateful.

I would like to hear a single intelligent argument against the U.S.' war on terror. All I hear is "Oh! the victims!" and "Oh! the gas prices!" Get over the gas issue. You might not drive to Destin this summer, but you'll survive. And for the victims - if people are going to act as human shields and guard areas they know are targets to protect Hussein and his regime, yes, we should shoot them. The other victims, the genuine victims, they have been warned to leave the target areas. Yes, it is difficult to leave your home, and yes, some of their lives will be lost, and that will be tragic. But it's war. Let us not forget it's a war to save lives like those 3,000 that were killed by those we fight on September 11.

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Friday, February 28, 2003  

Weekends were made for movies and sleep...

...but every time I sleep and watch movies all weekend, I have 5 classes worth of homework piled up for Monday.

Quote of the moment: "Looks like someone's got a case of the Mondays!" Office Space

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Monday, February 24, 2003  


Heaven would be having everything to do at your disposal and not having to do any of it. Also, you'd have a really comfortable bed and your feet would never get cold.

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Monday, February 17, 2003  

Human shields? I don't think this is a joke

Apparently, Iraq really is planning to use human shields. There's even a site to volunteer:

"On 17th February up to fifty human shield volunteers will board a plane and fly to Amman, Jordan. From there they will cross the Jordanian boarder and travel by bus to Baghdad where they meet up with the convoy of human shield volunteers who left London on 25th January. Hundreds more are expected to join them from around the world over the coming weeks."

Here's a picture of those some folks who eat soy burgers on their way to a miserable, miserable death trying to protect people who want nothing more than to nuke the U.S. and a few other places. How noble of both parties.

Once again, my brother inspired this blog with his own.

Allow me to note here that I don't actually hate people who eat soy burgers... it's a joke, a play on the stereotype - wait. You know what? If you can't get that, and laugh, I wouldn't like you anyway. You shouldn't be so hypersensitive.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2003  

Down with liberals who don't actually care about anything, but merely want to talk and talk and talk about how they are right and the world is wrong... (sort of a sequel to Down with Patchouli and soy burgers)

"...liberals behave like spoiled children throwing attention-grabbing temper tantrums and speak simply for the chic of shock value. They can loudly trumpet their preference for al-Qaeda, Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden over America because a) it shocks their former Sunday School teachers, and b) they don’t have to actually live under Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden."

Thanks to my brother who posted this related blog, where I found the above link.

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Warning: This is an update on my life

I lost weight. I was trying to for the Air Force. 5 lbs! Whew.

My cats are going to kill each other. They're pulling each other's fur out. And the girls who've already been to boot camp describe it as "full of cat fights." What a lovely summer I have set up for myself.

I have two interviews at the TANG base tomorrow - with Intelligence and Public Relations, and I have a history test Thursday. Pray for me, or at least think nice things about me. If you don't know me and aren't sure what nice things you could think about me, I'm smart and pretty. You can start there.

~If my life had a soundtrack, the current song would be: Cake's version of "I Will Survive." Although this song has no relevance to the occurences in my life, I listened to it several times today and I laughed, out loud.

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Monday, February 10, 2003  

Down with Patchouli and soy burgers

"We humans are by nature afraid of the unknown, and the generic warning of slaughter in war seems to carry more moral weight than suggesting that there is on occasion even a utility or morality in the use of arms to stop evil."

I've recently hear so many people argue that we shouldn't go to war with Iraq. Why? Because civilians will be killed and injured and also because our fight is with Sadam, not with Iraq.

But wait! about the civilians... Terrorism kills civilians and innocents. The point of this war is to fight terrorism. We will probably never eradicate it, but we can severely cut it down by letting the perpetrators know they will not be ignored. It is true that if we do go to war with Iraq (and it's only a matter of time), civilians will be killed. It's a part of war. However, could we not forget at this moment that over 3000 died in the Sept 11 attacks alone? Next, we should recall that although Sept 11 was the largest attack with the most casualties, it is one of many.

And our war is with Iraq. It is not merely Sadam that is a threat. There are plenty under him that would take his place and be just as evil. Also, isn't this a war against terror? Who attacked us on Sept 11? Sadam wasn't on the plane. Obviously, there are others involved. Entire organizations are involved, and they are receiving aid in the form of shelter, money and weapons from governments like that in Iraq. If we kill only Sadam, we might as well say, "Hey! Why don't you attack us again? We're not going to do much about it anyway."

We do need to go to war with Iraq, and I'm sick of pacifists with stupid, ignorant, thoughtless reasons for not challenging a dangerous adversary in an effort to save lives by reducing terrorism.

~If my life had a soundtrack, the current song would be: I hate hippies

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Saturday, February 08, 2003  


is approaching soon, and I like daisies and tulips.

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Thursday, February 06, 2003  

Push down and turn to the right

Revisionist history is bad.

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Wednesday, February 05, 2003  
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