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OMG! I'm offended!
I have mixed feelings on this.
On one hand, I don't believe a company should promote or require others to appreciate particular lifestyles. Basically I don't think a company should require anything of you personally, but rather require that you dress in an acceptable fashion, show up on time, etc. My employers have generally told me to leave my personal life at the door. No one cares! Your co-workers don't want to know.
On that note, part of being a person is understanding that other people will not always like you. You cannot live in reality without being offended and disliked. Also, if it's not harrassing or threatening speech, it should be acceptable, shouldn't it?
However, I think he should have responded to the person who wrote the memo, asking to be removed from the mailing list, instead of sending his complaint to the whole company.
Oh the wide world and its senselessness. I'm sick of people who are out looking to be offended. I'm sick of this PC kick. I'm sick of people who think they're disliked because they're black or white or gay or straight or... Sometimes they're right, but most of the time they're disliked because people don't "just get along."

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Wednesday, January 07, 2004  

Don't be such a boob, Bush.
Bush wants to grant amnesty to illegal workers, then give them even more benefits if they return home after a few years.
Even worse, Bush also is expected to broadly discuss giving workers from some countries expanded access to Social Security benefits, sources said.
Seriously. Is there any benefit for anyone besides Bush getting more votes? Yes. The employers of these illegals who don't have to worry about INS catching them anymore. Besides that... we're letting more people in legally for longer periods of time. We need to tighten our borders, not loosen them. I thought Bush was serious about the fight against terrorists, now he wants to keep illegals here? Granted most of them are illegal Mexicans working construction, but anything making it easier to cross our borders which are already pathetic is disgusting.
I wish a Libertarian candidate had a chance because I'm sick of Bush (who has never vetoed a bill!) and I sure as hell don't want a Democrat, especially Dean.

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